We can provide service work for all major equipment on board vessels, such as main and auxiliary engines, burners, separators and pumps. Locally we organize the   workforce needed and under the supervision of qualified personel from the companies we represent, we can complete any service needed. Market information, right contacts and guidance for a particular project are only the basics of consultancy we offer our customers. Through our company   ACTION MARINE we offer our services in promoting and sales of new equipment on new building projects on behalf of manufacturers of Marine Equipment. Geartech Enterprises 2015. All Rights Reserved The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. We strongly believe that the success of a company greatly depends on smart solutions that maximize productivity. Thus every organization with technical installations must have operationally sound and effective systems in place to manage and maintain their installations. MESPAS has introduced a new and unique approach to do just that, in industries as diverse as ship management, industrial mills, power plants, steel manufacturing and others. Our software and services enable operators to improve efficiency, constrain operational costs and thus enhance competitiveness. In 2004, when establishing MESPAS, we were driven by our determination to develop a drastically more efficient software to manage technical installations. We wanted to be part of the reason why companies remain successful in the long run. Today, Swiss based MESPAS has become a trusted partner of many companies all around the world. Our method is straightforward: develop a unique and innovative concept and couple it with smart and easy-to-use software. Of course, behind it all is a team of experienced and customer-focused professionals as well as a selection of strong business partners. The Technical Management Software